Delta Gamma's Symbols






Our crest

      The crest (coat-of-arms) of Delta Gamma Fraternity appears frequently on items. Only initiated members of the Fraternity may use items bearing the Delta Gamma crest.


Our Badge

      The official badge of the Fraternity, worn only by initiated members, is a gold anchor, around which is entwined a section of gold cable. A crossbar displays the Greek letters, Tau Delta Eta, in gold on white enamel. Above the flukes of the anchor is a white-enameled shield bearing in gold the Greek letters, Delta Gamma. The badge is traditionally worn over the heart, worn on the collar, on a scarf, or as a charm, ring or lavaliere. Badges with diamonds and pearls are available.        

Our Mascot


Delta Gamma's Colors

      The colors of Delta Gamma are:        

  Delta Gamma Pledge Pin        
      The pi alpha white enameled shield bearing the Greek letters, Pi Alpha, in gold is the Delat Gamma pledge pin and is given to the person who are pledged to join, but who are not yet admitted to membership        


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