Western Michigan Chapter of Delta Gamma-Epsilon Rho

  In September of 1981, a group of Pi Kappa Alpha little sisters, wanting to become more involved with Western’s Greek system, formed a local sorority with the name of Theta Chi Delta. Known as the Theta Chi’s the girls took the National Panhellen ic Council by storm, ruling the Greeks in the areas of Scholarship and overall spirit. However, being a local sorority was too limited, so in September of 1983 our search for a national sponsor began. With twelve national sororities interested in Theta Ch i Delta, the choice of narrowing it down was difficult. Finally, with a 100% vote, Delta Gamma  


  was chosen because of its high ideal, scholastic achievement, and goals that girls strive for. Delta Gamma has proven to be the right choice.  
  In April of that year, 30 girls were pledged and we elected our first president, Maureen Sullivan, her executive board, and our first CPB chairman, Tami Jean.  
  In fall of 1984, the real challenge began. With the rising cost of tuition and with members graduating, we were down to 24 members for our first rush, which brought us to 15 more pledges. Our VP: Pledge Education, Kathy Polasky, was responsible for tea ching both the chapter members and the newest pledges the unfamiliar pledge education sessions. All officers found themselves relying heavily on our CCOM’s and our advisors, Terri Novaria, Ann Knoll, and Jane Lawrence.  
  On November 17, 1984, the Epsilon Rho Chapter of Delta Gamma was charted. Since then Delta Gamma has been a leading force on Western’s campus. We have continued in our excellence in the areas of spirit and scholarship, and we really made our name known in our first Anchor Splash, chaired by Debbie Lewis. We raised over $ 1000 in our first effort for our philanthropies of Aid to the Blind, Sight Conversation and Grants and Loans.  
  Now Epsilon Rho Chapter of Delta Gamma is continuing its reputation of excellence with obtaining fantastic pledges every rush. Delta Gamma offers great opportunities for women at Western Michigan and only the sky is the limit.  


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