Delta Gamma offers to women of all ages a rich heritage, a continuity based on sound and  
    tested principles of personal integrity, personal responsibility, and intellectual honesty.  
    Delta Gamma's primary purpose is to create an environment for its members in which lasting  
    friendships are established and in which members find the processes, the experiences and the  
    disciplines which will stimulate clear thought. Its aim is to foster an atmosphere in which women will develop a deeper love and consideration for mankind, a more profound understanding of the pupose of life, and a basic wisdom upon which to build their lives.  
    Delta Gamma's purpose is accomplished through planned collegiate and alumnae programs.  
    These programs provide intellectual motivation, the opportunity for graciousness in daily living, and community awareness which enrich the lives of members and instill in them a respect for the enduring values to be gained from the Fraternity.  

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